Though my painting activity has slowed down a good deal, I have sold many landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and Scotland over the years.
Here are some which are still available. Email me if you are interested.

I paint only in oils.
Please be aware that I paint on MDF board, not canvas. The board is prepared with acrylic primer, as are modern canvasses, which is a vast improvement on the old whiting-and-glue gesso.

Click an image for a larger view. {Not the flowers)

All paintings will be despatched by parcel post, unframed.

The following views of the Yorkshire Dales and Whitby are all priced at £170, postage included.

Malham Cove, autumn approaching
22 x 14"


Malham Cove,summer
20 x 13"


Cottages at Feizor
24 x 11"
A back road at Kettlewell
24 x 12"
Malham, across the bridge
22 x 11"
Malham village (the Post Office)
22 x 11"
Boats in Whitby harbour
22 x 11"
The Steps at Whitby
19.5 x 13"

The following paintings of flowers are all 8" x 10" and are offered at £20 each, postage included.

Echinacae Lily 'Staccato' Lily Primrose
Yellow rose Rose 'Peace' Red Admiral