I joined Keighley library when I was about 7 years old. I used it constantly for almost exactly 60 years. In 2004, the Bradford-appointed overlords scrapped half the shelves and burned the books.
Perhaps, like me, you though that book burning was merely the subject of Armaggedon-type science fiction? No, bradford did it.

Over the years I learned a lot in Keighley Library. Geology, for example.
On my last check, it was apparent that the new administration thinks that geology consists of pretty coloured pictures of dinosaurs. Obviously, the children's library is no longer contained in the children's area.

Before I finally threw in my ticket, I looked for a mathematical book on the relatively new topic of Chaos theory and the Mandelbrot set. There was none, but a helpful assistant tracked one down for me, in the library in Bradford City. They were very reluctant to loan it to me. Bradford looks after itself at the expense of its captured satellites.

The reference library used to be, without any irony, a 'fount of all knowledge'. Whatever subject you wanted to learn about, Ian Dewhirst could find enough material to last a lifetime.
Now it is a lot of empty space with a few picture books.

I looked through the window as I passed this morning. I saw a large poster where book shelves should be, presumably painted by children being conned into believing they were doing something important. It proclaimed 'I LOVE MY LIBRARY'.

However, when all is said and done, Keighley society is not what it used to be and probably has the library it deserves. But I think the Carnegie building deserves better.