• Butterflies & moths
  • Spiders & others
  • Dragonflies and damsels
  • Beetles
  • (To follow - general flies)

    I would be pleased for any assistance with identification of the following

    and some caterpillars
    Gatekeeper White-letter Hairstreak  
    Pyronia tithonus
    by River Nidd, Nun Monkton
    White-letter Hairstreak
    Strymonida w-album
    Feeding in garden (Yorkshire)
    Priority protected species
    cinnabar moth cinnabar caterpillar carpet moth
    Cinnabar moth
    Tyria jacobaeae
    All over town in 2006, never before.
    Seen for 4 more years but not since. Returned 2014
    Cinnabar caterpillar feeding on ragwort Carpet moth
    Epirrhoe alternata
    Comma Unknown Unknown
    Polygonia c-album
    Small Copper
    Lycaena phlaeas
    Comma Unknown Unknown
    Holly Blue
    Celastrina argiolis
    Unknown Meadow Brown Meadow Brown
    Unknown Meadow Brown
    Maniola jurtina
    Unknown Meadow Brown Meadow Brown
    Unknown Orange Swift
    Hepialus sylvina
    Red Admiral caterpillar Red Admiral Ringlet
    Red Admiral caterpillar Red Admiral
    Vanessa atalanta
    Aphantopus hyperantus
    Painted Lady Painted Lady Plume moth
    Painted Lady
    Cynthia cardui
    Plume moth
    Pterophoridae spp
    Orange Tip female Orange Tip Orange Tip
    Orange Tip female Orange Tip male
    Anthocaris cardamines
    Speckled Wood Speckled Wood Wall Brown
    Speckled Wood
    Pararge aegaria
    showing variation
    Wall Brown
    Lasiommata megera
    Peacock Small Tortoiseshell Skipper
    Inachis io
    Small Tortoiseshell
    Aglais urticae
    (Large or Small?)
    Silver Y Large White Large White
    Silver Y
    Autographa gamma
    Large White
    Pieris brassicae
    (Cabbage White) male, female
    Mullein moth Lychnis moth Knotgrass moth
    Mullein Moth caterpillar
    Cucullia verbasci (new to my garden 2014)
    Caterpillar on Red Campion
    poss. Hadena bicruris (new to my garden 2014)
    Knotgrass Moth caterpillar on dog violet
    Acronicta rumicis, (my garden 2014)
    unknown moth unknown moth  
    Small moth, unknown Small moth, unknown  

    and some other many-legged creatures
    Flat millipede Round millipede Tick
    Flat millipede Round millipede Tick
    Extracted from my own flesh.
    Fat spider Male and female Spider in web
    Grew large in the greenhouse Boy meets girl Same species as the other 2 or not?
    Spider in nest New hatch Hatch dispersed
    Spider in nest New hatch New hatch dispersing
    pe spider green spider striped spider
    Three small spiders
    Spider Spider Long spider
    Spider in Greenhouse Long-bodied spider
    Small jumping spider Spider in willowherb Spider with fly
    Small jumping spider Spider in willowherb Spider with fly
    Another spider Another spider Ugly mite
    Another spider Another spider
    Showing opaque/translucent areas
    Very small mite (or larva?)
    Found on bedroom wall

    4-spot Chaser Damsel fly Large Red damsel
    Four-spot Chaser
    Libellula quadrimaculata
    Damsel fly Large Red damsel
    Pyrrhosoma nymphula f. fulvipes
    Common Goldenring Hawker Common Darter
    Common Goldenring
    Cordulegaster boltonii
    Hawker (Moorland or Common?)
    Aeshna juncea?
    Common Darter
    Sympetrum striolatum (female, mature)
    Common Goldenring Hawker Hawker
    Common Darter
    Sympetrum striolatum (male)
    (see the female above)
    Azure Bluet (Azure Damselfly):Coenagrion puella
    OR Crescent Bluet (Irish Damselfly):C.lunulatum (female)
    Male hs blue uppr surface

    BEETLES and related
    Dor beetle Tiger beetle Oil beetle
    Dor beetle
    Geotrupes stercorarius
    Tiger beetle
    Cicindella campestris
    Oil beetle
    Meloe proscarabaeus OR violaceus
    Ladybird, 7-spot Ladybird Ladybird
    Ladybird, 7-spot
    Coccinella septempuctata
    Halyzia sedecimaguttata
    Ladybird, 2-spot
    Adalia bipunctata
    Ladybird, 22-spot Ladybird larva Unknown
    Ladybird, 22-spot
    Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata
    Ladybird larva Unknown beetle, very small, found in bathroom
    Unknown Rove beetle Soldier beetles
    Another unknown from the bathroom Rove beetle
    Staphylinus erythropterus
    Soldier beetles
    Rhagonycha fulva
    Froghopper Froghopper  
    Two froghoppers
    Shield bug Shield bug  
    Two shield bugs