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After exhausting other pursuits I am now again offering my paintings for sale.


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Random thoughts: -

" The thing about teenagers is that if you don't let them do as they please, they'll just do as they please"

"God has taught us that we should not fear death. But He didn't say we had to like it."

"The suffering of one person is equal to all the suffering in the world."

"Pain is not diminished by the knowledge that others have suffered worse"

"Religion is a political necessity."
As this (British) society is about to find out.

"An optimist is a person who is regularly disappointed in his expectations. A pessimist often gets pleasant surprises."

"Improved education creates an over-qualified society"

"Redundancy isn't the end of the world, but it is the end of the world you know."

"Wearing in is the first stage of wearing out"

"Perfection is a goal to be aimed at with plenty of hope but not too much expectation"

"Mortality is God's greatest gift to mankind"
I put this in a letter to a paper (they didn't print it)a while ago and have just found out that Winston Churcill said in 1943,
 "Death is the greatest gift that God has made to us"

"A friend is someone whose faults you can tolerate and who can tolerate yours."

"Feet on the ground is good. Head in the sand is better".

"Everyone is in the end guaranteed a permanent cure for old age".

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