Of course, we tie flies to please ourselves as well as to fool the fish.
Here are some macro photos by David Sunderland which show some of our efforts in the best light.

Please do not reproduce these photos without permission.
If you are interested in having your own work photographed please email.

Teal, Blue & Silver:

Teal, Blue & Silver

A pink shrimp:

A pink shrimp

Flashback Pheasant Tail Copperhead:

Flashback Pheasant Tail Copperhead

Ally's Shrimp, yellow:

Ally's Shrimp, yellow



French Partridge Mayfly:

French Partridge Mayfly

Another view of the above:

Another view of the above

Claret Bumble:

Claret Bumble

Orange Witch:

Orange Witch

Rusty Rat:

Rusty Rat



Hydropsyche nymph:

Hydropsyche nymph

fly name:

Baetis nymph

Ammonite Nymph (a Steve Thornton creation):

Ammonite Nymph

A North Country spider: Snipe & Purple:

Snipe & Purple

A pheasant tail nymph:

A pheasant tail nymph

Red Arrow:

Red Arrow

Copper John:

Copper John

An unnamed sedge:

An unnamed sedge