All my applications are stand-alone programs. That is , they do not make entries to the Microsoft registry or interact with any Windows operating system file. They will not appear in your Start Menu.
When you unzip the download folder you will have a new folder which contains an .exe file and probably some other accompanying files.

You can put the folder wherever you want it - in the 'Program files' folder or even in your document folder.

In order to run the app you simply double-click the .exe file. You can, of course, create a desk-top short cut to it.
Sorry, no experience of Windows 8. If anyone tries I would be VERY interested to know the result. Please don't be shy, email me.

In fact, I would appreciate feedback from anyone who tries these apps.

To get rid of any of these from your computer, all you need to do is delete its folder. It was not 'installed' and does not need to be 'uninstalled'.

DATALIST: This is certainly the most useful of my software. You might think of it as a very simple (non-relational) database. I use it to keep many different kinds of records.
It provides a table in which you can record any manner of list, with whatever named fields (columns) you wish.


Displayed here is a view of my URL list.

View of DataList

You can create any number of stand-alone lists. It is very versatile and the list can easily be exported as a text file. The HELP file gives a full explanation.


And yet another.....
The main difference between this harmonica aid and the one below is that this one allows you to enter different tuning layouts
- i.e. different keyed harmonicas or any other custom tuning.
Full instructions are given on the 'Help' menu - please read it.
New version 9 November 2014, allows choice of colours for the notes of the diatonic scale.
Extended to 12-tone scale on 11th Nov 2014

View of DataList
Here is another aid to learning to play the chromatic harmonica.
It is intended to help to play all keys on the C-tuned harmonica.
Full instructions are given on the 'Help' menu..
View of DataList
I use this on-screen keyboard as a way of quickly checking if I have hit the right note when learning on the harmonica.
The key can be changed via the 'Edit' menu and the green-coloured notes will change to show the diatonic scale for the chosen key.
It is not intended for use as an on-screen musical instrument or as a tuner.
View of DataList

This is the programme which generates fractal patterns like the one on the 'Photos&paintings' page.
The download includes 3 'Readme' files. You must print these and follow them to learn how to use the system otherwise you will be baffled. You have full control of the colour as applied to the fractal pattern but you will need practice to use it effectively.
It's great fun once you get the hang of it.

For fly tyers - here is a list of over 1,979 traditional patterns. It has been generated by reference to a number of print sources. The list can be searched and sorted very effectively by this software. In order to make effective use of it, be sure to read the Quickstart file which is included in the folder.
There are no pictures here. This is essentially a list of pattern/material descriptions according to the originators.

I have passed administration of this over to the Fly Dressers' Guild. The list will not be added to here so if you want updates, of which I hope there will be many, you will have to join the FDG. (See the links page)


(updated 9th June 2013)
The Colour Selector and the Colour List Comparator: MAC USERS PLEASE NOTE:
The zip file contains a text file with advice about running the apps, if there should be any problem with permissions.
View of Colour Circle

Also the colour list comparator:
This facilitates experimenting with colours in a colour_map.
Paste or type the exisiting or first choice colours on the left-hand side and alternatives on the right. They can be assessed alongside each other.
You can also paste an existing colour map together with its delimiters into the panel bottom left, and it will parse the list and enter the numerical values into the list, so that you don't have to copy and paste each rgb vector separately.
View of Colour Comparator


And here is a chart of all the 'web-safe' colours.
Again, just an EXE file. You can copy the hex code for your chosen colour and paste it into your program.
Not exclusively for Povray - it will accept rgb values in either format.


This application is the one used to generate the pictures on the 'Novelty photos' page.
It has some similarity to MS Paint, but was designed initially to do one thing which Paint does not do:
to fill with a chosen colour all areas which are the same as the one picked, rather than only the one picked.
Other functions have been added and you will need to follow the Help file. (Copy the text and paste it into Notepad or similar)
I might get around to adding a 'Quickstart Readme' file.

Here is History (and Pre-History) for your amusement (and education?)
You can scroll through the chronology of events right back to the beginning of time (the Big Bang). Timelines so far included are: I am adding more as the mood takes me. Watch for updates.
1st update, version 21st Feb 2013. Includes improved functions.