Paintings will be despatched by parcel post, unframed unless otherwise stated. First class post is included in the price. I will not normally consider deliveries outside the British Isles.

I will accept commissions at my own discretion for landscape or portrait.
Either may be painted from life if the necessary travelling is within whatever I consider to be reasonable limits, or from photos provided by you but note that these need to be of good quality. NOT flash photography. The lower the clear detail , the smaller the painting will be. I will if appropriate take photos myself.

Size and scope of a commission painting will be agreed between us before I commence.

I will email to you a photograph of the finished painting for your approval.
If you do not like it THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE and in the case of a portrait I will destroy it. In the case of a landscape I might decide to offer it to the public.
If you do accept, having seen the photo, I WILL REQUIRE PAYMENT BEFORE DESPATCH.